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With an experience of over two decades and centuries of technological revolution, Digital Ticketing created a new industry when it was born. A little more than digital ticketing and not confined to guest management, this platform is a melange of guest requirements, event execution, invites and more. Digital Ticketing takes immense pride in offering comprehensive guest communication without focusing only on sales and conversions. It provides 360 degree tools and services for customers to effectively and efficiently manage and execute events.

But it’s not the services that make the company, its only and only employees that do. Here is how Digital Ticketing’s team functions and achieve the ‘almost impossible’ on a regular basis –

It’s about people at Digital Ticketing

Continuously is and consistently will be. The employees matter here more than anything. We care about those we work with and those we serve – our clients are our demi-gods, quite literally. We are tied in with structure trust-based connections and building up win-win associations. We care about outcomes, however not to the detriment of individuals. All that we do should assemble trust. Every effort is a coordinated effort which sets a desire that all colleagues are relied upon to be equivalent givers and to challenge thoughts and not one another. Our managers ensure that they set up tools and procedures in day by day online presence, content auditing and simple access to project management to increase efficiency.

Our Teams Love Challenges

They say change is the only constant – well, who knows it better than us. While digital ticketing was a topic nobody knew about a few years ago, we took the challenge to make it mainstream. We don’t simply understand that, we energetically grasp and drive progressing change. We challenge the standards and push limits. We don’t keep up, we increase. We are strong in what we do.

Learning And Development Are In Our Employees’ Dna

Our interest starts an unending craving for learning. We can generally be better. We are continually seeking after development on all levels and fronts. Our employees are in charge of their piece of the venture and the whole group is in charge of the undertaking achievement. In the event that every individual does their part, the undertaking will be fruitful. To stay away from difficulties, colleagues must resolve to convey and consent to cooperate to keep the undertaking on track.

Every project is perceived as a team effort, but yet every employee is an individual contributor – that’s the beauty of working with Digital Ticketing teams.

We Are A Team Driven By Passion And Energy

We are here to make wonderful experiences. In order to get things done, there is so little that every organization needs to – teamwork. It makes every project done on time. Most importantly, we have energy for what we do, and we are pleased with what we achieve. We are steady and driven. Being data-driven is our USP and deriving actionable insights from data is not what every organization is good at. To achieve good numbers, there is a lot that we do from hard work to teamwork. Our analytics team works in conjunction with sales and marketing team to deliver right numbers to the clients.

We Imagine Big And Start With Little Things  

Enabling every individual’s work to be unmistakable enables the group to assemble trust in one another. A colleague’s unwavering quality relies upon how straightforward they are about what they’ve assumed liability for, and how well they handle it to finish without causing issues for the gathering. We don’t believe in reasoning; however, we’re about little wins. We are capable and daring individuals. We give new things without losing focus on the main thing. We realize that significance originates from thinking about the little things. This encourages us to move quickly and efficiently.

We Are Liberal Suppliers, Not Self-serving Takers

We give more than we take. We are continually making a difference. In order to have smooth transition between what’s right and wrong, our managers take the initiative of talking to teams about negative influence, if any. In the event they find any such instance, they set up a one-on-one with the employee – it might seem troublesome, but it helps teams in the long-run. Missing out on responsibilities is one thing and impacting other team members for not working is another. We instruct and teach. We are continually setting individuals up for progress. Therefore, we take hindrances very seriously- be it lack of focus or negative approach towards assignments.

We Can Do Significantly More By Doing Less, Better And Quicker

We continually bring our best. It’s engaged greatness. And to do so, every team works to their best capability. We are fixated on quality yet with an iterative, quick paced methodology. For example, there could be times when software products won’t yield goo business results, it can lead to frustrating item launch and adoption related outcomes. Digital Ticketing ensures to put forth business goals in a way that every employee understands the thinking and messaging behind any product to prioritise the profit or loss of the same.

Our Teams Work Hard And Play Hard!

We make the most of our work and we have some good times while at it. We don’t pay attention to ourselves as well. While bonus and increments are part of our financial routine, we believe in celebrating little joys that products being to us.

These are a few values that every employee who joins Digital Ticketing is asked to imbibe from the very beginning- and this is how the very fabric of our teams is woven, with love, care, dedication, and more than anything else hard work! We work hard in silence and let our work be the noise!


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