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We all want to engage our guests. It’s why we put our events on, and it’s why we strive to make them the best they can be. Often times we can spend hours dreaming up new ideas, creative concepts and whizz-bang eventising, but how do we engage our guests even before they arrive at our event?

The key here is communication. Not too much, and not too little. You want to speak with an authentic voice, and ensure you are communicating to your guests in the clearest way possible. The lead up to your event is the most important time to build excitement, keep your guests informed, and ensure every single guest can’t wait to attend your great event. Think of this as your opportunity to be a voice for your brand – to really make it clear to your guests who you are, and why they should attend.

When using the Digital Ticketing site, there are a few key touchpoints we like to highlight to ensure your guests are experiencing a unified brand:

  • Email invitation design
    • This is your first opportunity to say “we’re here!”. Make it count by designing a unique, authentic email that really captures your guest’s attention.
  • Event landing page design
    • As your guest carries through from their email invitation to the landing page, this is your opportunity to provide all the necessary details for your event. A video trailer or hype video, event details, great imagery. Don’t hold back on this being the best expression of your brand it can be.
  • Entry Pass design
    • Think of this like the cherry on top. Your guest has RSVP’d, they’re excited about the event, and here’s your opportunity to put something tangible in their hands that reminds them of the cool event their locked in to attend.
  • RSVP Confirmation wording
    • Along with their ticket, this confirmation email can be the best part of the whole experience. Your guest is finally going to the event! So, make it as special as it can be.
  • Guest Communications wording
    • Like all events, remember to speak with an authentic voice that fits the aesthetic and vision of your event.

Inevitably, things at your event change! For this reason, Digital Ticketing has developed the guest communications module. The module makes communicating with your guests as easy as it can be by allowing you to pick either email or SMS communications, filtered by guest status (RSVP Yes, RSVP No, No Response), or by your guest’s Ticket Type, Company, Category or Contact information. The intent here is to be able to craft your communication to make it as sticky as possible. When guests use online event registration softwares, it can often be as simple as collecting their ticket and that being the end of the conversation. But with Digital Ticketing, you as the organiser have a greater ability to be strategic in planning and managing your event, and tailoring communication accordingly.

From here, it really is as simple as honing your message to the guests you’ve selected, ensuring every bit of communication that comes from your event is specific to its audience, and allowing guests to respond directly to the person who can help them the most at the time they need it. As guests are provided with an account when they collect tickets from the system, this allows all online tickets for that guest to be accessed at any time, as well as being able to contact the organiser whenever needed. So too, simply by responding to any of their email communications they are able to reach back out to the organiser for anything they may need.

Engaging guests is all about clear communication and a really strong message about your brand. Be clear and what it is you’re offering, and why this cuts through the noise like nothing else. Events are one of the best ways to engage your guests and make sure they can get a tangible sense of what it is you’re about. Utilising a really well-designed email invitation, landing page, entry pass and confirmation ensures guests will remember your event for a long time to come.

Engage guests. Keep the lines of communication open. Get everyone on the same page and watch the success of your events rise. It really is that easy with Digital Ticketing!


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