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Running an Event? Here’s How to Design A Great Entry Pass

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An entry pass can say a lot about an event. The more glamorous the pass the more exclusive the event. The more abstract, the more creative you can get in the message you wish to send. Designing attractive event passes is a very important part of event planning and management as the event pass is the first piece of branding merchandise that your audience gets to hold in their hands. Its look and feel can decide to a great extent how your event is perceived, and interesting event passes can help create good word of mouth and help you attract more crowd to your event.

How should the pass look?

When creating entry passes, there are a couple of things that you should keep in mind. Don’t make it too big that it becomes cumbersome to carry it around or too small so that its difficult to read anything that’s written on it. It should also not be printed on flimsy material to prevent it from getting torn or destroyed accidently.

Event Pass Dimensions

When it comes to dimensions of the event pass, aim for a pass that no be bigger than 2” x 6”. If there is a part of the event pass that needs to be torn off, the dimension of the easy-tear-off-stub should not be bigger than 2”x 2”.

Event Pass Orientation

The orientation of the event pass should be decided carefully. There are a few things you should keep in mind before deciding the orientation of the event pass. If the event pass has a lot of details on it (5 to 10 lines), then it’s best if the event pass orientation is landscape. In case of less information, keep it portrait.

Information on the Event Pass

  Don’t try to cram too much data on the event pass. Keep it short- the name of the event, event dates, start time, end time, detail of session/performances/ speakers along with the venue and timing details of the same. There should be enough empty/ whitespace on the event pass to make the information stand out. In general, 25% of the space on an event pass should be whitespace. On the back of the event pass you can have mandatory instructions such as no children allowed, no dangerous items allowed, no electronic items or mobile phones allowed, no outside food, alcohol or smoking allowed etc. and any safety information. Also include contact information, social media handles, website and online event page details on the event pass. If the event ticket is non-refundable, that should be clearly mentioned on the event pass. It should also have instructions on how to get refund in case cancellation is allowed and till how many days or hours before the event cancellation is allowed. Any penalty associated with event cancellation should also be mentioned.

Design of the Event Pass

Let’s start with the color combinations. Make sure that the information written on the event pass is easily and clearly legible. To ensure this, the background color and the font color should be contrasting with each other, the font size of the information should not be smaller than 18 font size, the font type should be clear and crisp. The name of the event and most important pieces of information should be put in large fonts to catch the attention of the customer- this includes event date, time and venue.

The color combination that you use can determine to a great extent how the attendees perceive your event. For a children’s event, you can keep it colorful. But if you are hosting a very serious event which is more subdued, use more muted colors like gray and black. Keep it formal and clean. Make sure you don’t crowd the event pass with too much text. Leave enough whitespace for the attendee to note down things such as contact number etc. The less cluttered the event pass, the better it is.

Try to connect with the customer via your event pass. Your event pass is a means of communication to your audience what the event is. If it’s a rock concert and you make a boring and dull event pass, people are not going to be too thrilled! You must speak the language of your target audience so make sure you know your target audience well. All of this is a critical part of successful event planning and management. Make sure you don’t end up with poor quality event passes. Many people save their event passes as mementos of the event that they attended. Pictures of event passes get shared on social media and people even show off in front of their friends by brandishing the event passes. Don’t lose out on all this free marketing of your event by trying to save a few bucks.

Make sure you use some sort of waterproof material to print your event pass on as many people carry it in their pockets and if the material is not waterproof or flimsy, it can crumple or get smeared. Also, remember if you want to skip all this hassle, you can create and distribute event passes online as well- a digital event pass.

Your Gateway to A Memorable Event

Events are one of the best ways to market your products and services. They help you connect with your customers, showcase your offerings and get to know the customer pain points in a manner that cannot be matched by digital or online marketing. The impact that an event creates or the return on investment that an event can generate depends a great deal on systematic event planning and management. Designing great entry passes is an important part of event planning and organization. Event passes are a relic that stays with the event attended long after the event has taken place. It can help you position your event before it takes place and can help you attract quality crowd.

Make sure you stay up to date with the new types of event passes that your peers are using for their event and the kind of event passes that industry leaders use when organizing an event. You can have event pass with security tags that can be used to allow entry to restricted people and that cannot be copied to prevent fake event passes from getting created. In a high-stake event where the crowd is very exclusive, these kind of event passes are necessary. You can package your event pass in attractive boxes or other packaging material to make a more lasting impact on your audience.

Get your marketing and creative hats on to make the best event passes that leaves a great impression on your audience. Not only will this help create brand awareness but also help you make your next event successful by helping you attract more high quality and larger crowd.


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